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Current Memos



Jim de Wilde is a venture capitalist and management educator who divides his time between Montreal and Toronto.   He can be reached at


Regular updates are found at CURRENT MEMOS:


The web-site contains seven sections:
(i)                 Global Investments, which provides an opportunity for occasional comment on emerging sources of value-creation in the global economy.
(ii)               Venture Capital Strategies which includes previous MBA course material and an opportunity for a regular update on venture capital trends and opportunities, particularly in new "spaces", areas of scientific research which have not been the focus of commercialization activities.

(iii)              Global Politics, which will focus on specific democratic initiatives and recognition of activities which further a tendency toward democratization.  There will be specific emphasis on a project on Somalia, the Somali Economic Prosperity Initiative.

(iv)             Canadian Public Policy, which will  focus on issue-driven approaches to the renewal of national politics and contains some recent articles and speeches and a Canadian politics memo.

(v)      China 2015, which will look at the development of entreprenurially-led growth in China, questions of management education of specific relevence to Chinese MBAs  and trends in the venture capital market in China as a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs invent the future of their country.

(vi)              Global Cinema, a personal passion and an attempt to organize articles and reviews of emerging film-makers with a distinctive voice in the global community. 

(vii)    The Future of B-Schools, which will focus on trends in management education and the role of B-Schools in global learning.


Biographical note:   Throughout his career as an educator and venture capitalist, Dr. Jim de Wilde has focused on the issues of global competitiveness and the commercialization of knowledge through activities in both the private sector and the public sector.   Since the early 1990's, Dr. de Wilde has also been involved in venture capital activities as President of JdW Strategic Ventures.    

In his venture capital activities, Dr. de Wilde  was a member of RBC Capital Markets Technology Fund Advisory Board and currently serves on the Investment Committee of iNovia Capital in Montreal and the Advisory Boards of Enertech Capital and the Walsingham Fund in Toronto.   

In his teaching activities, he has been on the faculty of the University Of Western Ontario School Of Business (now Ivey) and the Faculty of Management at McGill University.  He has also taught venture capital strategies at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.     His B-School activities have also included applying the Rotman venture capital strategies course to the Finnish context at the Helsinki School of Economics, and lecturing at the London Business School.   He has a PhD in political science from McGill with a dissertation focusing on the Canadian public policy process and competitiveness in technology sectors.